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MSR404 Gel Ovations Gel Walker Handle Covers
MSR404 Gel Ovations Gel Walker Handle Covers

Gel Ovations Gel Walker Handle Covers

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Pair of gel hand pads provide cushioning for arthritic hands.
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The Gel Ovations Gel Walker Handle Covers are durable, soft, easy-to-apply gel pads that provide increased comfort for walker users. People with arthritis using a standard walker will find these covers help prevent hand discomfort and can aid in healing hand soreness.

The Gel Ovations Walker Handle Covers are a pair of 5-inch long pads for U-shaped walkers. They fit over tubing on traditional walkers. The easy-to-apply covers are open at both ends and secure over the existing hand grips. The covers are for walkers that have a mostly straight circular grip like found on bicycles and U-shaped walkers. Regardless of the covering on the hand grip, these covers stretch and secure with Velcro® over the existing grip.

Gel Ovations Gel products are made of a latex-free, solid gel and have a durable neoprene nylon surface, which is soft, easy to clean, and highly efficient at distributing pressure. They protect bony prominences, and reduce abrasions, shear, and harmful pressure-related problems. Users with arthritis will find the Synergel Walker Handle Cover provides additional comfort and grip when using a walker.

Gel Ovations Gel Walker Handle Covers Specifications:

  • Sold as: Pair.
  • Measure: 5 inches long.
  • Fit: U shaped walkers.
  • Material: Medical grade silicone, solid polymer polyurethane.
  • Care: Hand wash with mild soap and air dry.

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