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MSR404 Synergel Gel Walker Handle Covers
MSR404 Synergel Gel Walker Handle Covers

Synergel Gel Walker Handle Covers

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Pair of gel hand pads provide cushioning for arthritic hands.
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The Synergel Gel Walker Handle Covers are durable, soft, easy to apply gel pads that provide increased comfort for walker users. People with arthritis using a standard walker will find these covers help prevent hand discomfort and can aid in healing hand soreness.

The Synergel Walker Handle Covers are a pair of 5 inch long pads for U shaped walkers. They fit over tubing on traditional walkers. The easy to apply covers are open at both ends and secure over the existing hand grips. The covers are for walkers that have a mostly straight circular grip like found on bicycles and U shaped walkers. Regardless of the covering on the hand grip, these covers stretch and secure with Velcro® over the existing grip.

Synergel Gel products are made of a latex-free, solid gel and have a durable neoprene nylon surface, which is soft, easy to clean, and highly efficient at distributing pressure. They protect bony prominences, and reduce abrasions, shear, and harmful pressure-related problems. Users with arthritis will find the Synergel Walker Handle Cover provides additional comfort and grip when using a walker.

Synergel Gel Walker Handle Covers Specifications:

  • Sold as: Pair.
  • Measure: 5 inches long.
  • Fit: U shaped walkers.
  • Material: Medical grade silicone, solid polymer polyurethane.
  • Care: Synergel Gel products are surface washable by hand. Products including covers can be surface washed with dishwashing detergent or mild soap. Gel pads can also be surfaced washed with a mild bleach solution as well as dishwashing detergent or mild soap. Gel can be briefly submerged but never leave it soaking in liquid and never agitate or wring it. Allow to Air Dry. Do NOT put in the dryer or use hair dryers or other heat sources to dry.

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