During the Christmas holidays, many families gather together to enjoy entertainment activities. These activities include: watching holiday themed movies, putting together puzzles, and playing board and card games. For those with arthritic conditions and other mobility issues, participating in some of the festivities may pose a challenge. We are going to share some assistive products that will allow them to move from onlooker to an active participant.

Enjoy classic Christmas shows more conveniently

Big button television remotes will enable you to be the controller of the remote while watching the holiday movies and shows. These controls have larger frames, which make them easier for arthritis sufferers to grasp. The large buttons make it easy for those with vision problems to operate the remote as well. Multiple remotes are no longer necessary because these universal remotes can replace up to four standard remote controls. The endless search for the remote is eliminated, as the size of these remotes makes them nearly impossible to misplace. Just be sure not to hog the remote!

Gather around for gaming

Board games are always a fun addition at family gatherings. They are an excellent way to get everyone together in the same room and provide entertainment for all age levels. Scrabble is a popular word game that family members from youngest to oldest can enjoy. Large print word game tiles can be used to replace the standard Scrabble tiles to help those with low vision to play more effectively. They have 1/2-inch bold black letters and are printed on bright white tiles. Caution: you won't be able to blame a loss on your sight when you use these tiles.

Big print playing cards

From Crazy 8's to Hearts to Spades and Poker, most everyone has a favorite card game that they enjoy playing. If board games aren't your thing, cards are an excellent game for small or large gatherings. For low vision family members and loved ones with dementia, there are cards available with large icons and a simplified layout to enable them to enjoy a game or two. These jumbo sized cards contain 36 number cards and 16 suit cards and come with instruction cards. Just beware card games get competitive.

We hope these assistive products will help make your holiday family gatherings a little more fun, by allowing everyone to get in the game.

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