Arthritis aids to help make bathing and getting dressed easier for people with arthritis.

Getting Ready

You don’t have to give in to the pain. There are many arthritis aids available, such as our hair dryer stand, the elevated toilet seat, and our arthritis bathing supplies to make your life with arthritis easier.

The Hair Dryer Stand
One popular arthritis aid is our portable 19-inch hair dryer stand. The neck flexes to adjust to any angle and it fits all hand held dryers. This product is ideal for one-handed styling.

The Elevated Toilet Seat
If you have arthritis in your hips, or have undergone unilateral or bilateral total hip replacement surgery then this saddle style toilet seat will prevent hip adduction and internal rotation that could aggravate your hips. The contoured shape permits easy rising.

Arthritis Bathing Supplies
From the ergonomically designed hair shampooer to the long handled bath sponge, Arthritis Supplies has the bathing supplies that make your life with arthritis easier. Durable designs and contoured handles combine to give you the ideal clean while reducing your pain.

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