Grab Bars make it easier for users to get in and out of the bathtub or shower. As we age and lose agility, bathing can become difficult. Falls in the bathroom, especially the bathtub, shower areas, are a leading cause of injury. Grab Bars provide safety and support to help people with arthritis maintain their balance when getting in or out of a bathtub or shower.

Grab Bars

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Floor to ceiling secure and safe support pole for sitting, standing or transferring.
Provides additional assistance for standing and sitting transfers.
A rounded support handle that can be installed around shower fixtures.
$199.00 $189.95
Convenient storage shelf and sturdy grab bar support
$199.00 $189.95
Combines the sturdiness of a wall mounted grab bar and the functionality of a dual support rail
Soap dish integrated with reliable rounded support rail.
Combination of a towel holder and a grab rail.
$199.00 $189.95
Offers discreet support for sitting down on and getting up from the toilet.
$199.00 $189.95
No drilling required for installing these textured grab bars for bathroom safety.
Provides people with arthritis extra stability when standing from the tub or toilet.
ADA compliant, unique, curved grab bar provides reliable support, modern design.
High quality, commercial grade, fold down rail designed with offset rails to prevent wrist strain when sitting or standing.
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