Gripeeze Elastic Tube Gripping Aid - Discontinued
Gripeeze Elastic Tube Gripping Aid shown holding a paint roller handle.

Gripeeze Elastic Tube Gripping Aid - Discontinued

Wrist support with strap makes gripping easier.

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Grip Aid, LTD
  • Unique wrist to knuckle system allows complete relaxation of the muscles in the hand while still holding onto the object.
  • Effective solution for gripping.
  • Regain your grip!

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The Gripeeze Elastic Tube Gripping Aid is a new elastic wrist support with a strapping system. This is an affordable solution for people with conditions effecting their hands who have difficulty gripping.

The strapping system design is a simple yet effective solution for securing a hand in a gripping position. The strapping system is designed to be anchored at the wrist and the strap is applied over the knuckles and affixed with Velcro. The strap secures the hand in the grip position putting minimum strain on the muscles that enable your hand to grip. People with Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, MS, poor grip or hand strength will find this gripping aid useful. For users that have a limited use of their hand or finds using conventional gloves difficult, the Gripeeze Elastic Tube Gripping Aid is easy to put on and take off. The strap can be wrapped away to the back of the hand when not in use. The adapted wrist support is available in a adult size and a junior size, as either a left or right hand strap. Gripeeze Elastic Tube Gripping Aid is completely machine washable.

Gripeeze Elastic Tube Gripping Aid Specifications:

  • Adult size measures: 4 inches wide, 5 inches long. Strap measures 3 inches wide, 11 inches long.
  • Junior size measures: 3 inches wide, 4 inches long. Strap measures 2.5 inches wide, 8.5 inches long.
  • Materials: Nylon and rubber.
  • Color: Black.
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