There are many health conditions that can make it difficult to hold on to physical objects. The ideal assistive devices for such conditions are ones that both provide steady gripping power and offer flexibility for various uses. Our new EazyHold Grip Assist does both of these things for children and youth.

Problems encountered with hand tremors

A child or young person who has a condition like cerebral palsy or hand tremors may find it difficult to perform activities of daily living — everything from brushing teeth in the morning and at bedtime, to playing with action figures or painting during art and crafts time.

EasyHold's innovative uses

You don't have to step aside and watch your kid not be included in such activities. The power of the EazyHold Grip Assist is that it provides a comfortable, clean handle for a variety of physical objects, giving your child or loved one the ability to grab with ease.

Furthermore, the EazyHold Grip Assist is not simply another assistive device that only works in very particular situations. The beauty of this product lies in its ability to be quickly placed on almost any object, including pencils, paint brushes, dolls, forks, spoons, tooth brushes, and any other similar objects that you may need help with.

Five different sizes

We offer the EazyHold Grip Assist in a pack of five soft silicone straps. This special silicone material plus its ingenious shape make it the perfect little device for so many pesky situations.

Also useful for arthritis

And although this pack comes with sizes intended for children, it can also be very useful to adults who have arthritis.

Having trouble holding a pen or writing a letter due to arthritis? Do you find your arthritis symptoms interfering with your ability to hold utensils without shaking your hand or dropping your food?

Then the EazyHold Grip Assist may be just what you've been looking for. It requires no complicated assembling or training in order to use. Just open it and slip it on to pretty much anything you need to be able to hold on to more easily.

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