Household arthritic aids include the faucet grip, lamp switch enlarger, key turner, writing pen, scissors, door knob lever and other useful home aids to help reduce arthritis pain.

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Helpful tool for opening bottles, cans, bags.
Package of 2 soft grip covers provide extra leverage and grip for individuals with arthritis.
Help turn lamp switches.
Requires less hand strength to turn a door knob.
Helps provide easy key turning for people with arthritis.
Soft foam tubes can be cut to the length needed to fit a variety of handles.
Easy to use clips help users read a paperback using one or no hands.
Easy to use spring hand clip helpful for users with limited hand strength.
Built-up grip for increased control of pens, pencils and other utensils.
Adapted holder lets users do needlecraft projects with just one hand.
Holds books, newspapers, magazines, or individual sheets of paper.
Large handle key holder provides increased leverage to turn a key.
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