Personal hygiene and grooming aids include the hair dryer stand, long handle brush and comb, eye drop guide and floss aid to help people suffering from arthritis pain.

Grooming and Hygiene Aids

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19 rolling balls soothe and invigorate as they massage in lotion evenly.
Long handle with soft grip helps eliminate painful bending and reaching when shaving.
Adapted suction base brush - great for one-handed cleaning!
Keeps the eye drops from missing your eye!!
Helpful device provides additional leverage to help users with weak or arthritic fingers.
Apply lotions, oils, creams or medications to hard to reach areas.
Can be used for toothpastes, lotions, salves, and many other household products!
Easy to use spring hand clip helpful for users with limited hand strength.
Comes with 2 different massage rollers that are easy to use and change.
Great for shoulder or upper extremity weakness, arthritis hand and shoulder pain.
Double head brush mounted on suction base, ideal for independent one-handed denture care.
Overall length is 23-1/2 inches.
Universal cuff with adjustable straps designed to holds a variety of razor models
Easy to secure strap with D ring thumb loop.
Long handle toileting, personal hygiene aid holds tissue, razor, wipes, sponges.
$53.95 $49.99
Adds an additional 4 inches in length to the Freedom Wand handle.
Designed to help people with arthritic conditions floss more easily.
Allows people with arthritis or limited grasp to floss their teeth easily.
Brushes and combs sets with extended handles for easier reach and hair care.
Bag of 2 replacement sponges for the Lotion Applicator
Telescoping lighted self inspection mirror.
Self inspection mirrorwith adjustable lights.
Increases daily living independence for people with poor grip
Hair brushes with extra long handles.
Helps users with limited reach comb hair independently.
Securely holds a razor, allows users to safely and easily shave during their morning bathroom routine.
14.5 inch long handle multipurpose personal hygiene wand holds tissue, razor, wipes, sponges.
Extra long handle personal hygiene tool holds tissue, razor, wipes, sponges.
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