With summer in full swing, we hope you are finding ways to stay active despite your arthritis. We have several HOT or COLD THERAPY Packs that will help you get comfortable and relieve pain and stress before and after your favorite activities.

Heat therapy versus cold therapy

According to the University of Rochester Medical Center’s online Health Encyclopedia, hot and cold therapies are valuable alternative solutions to pain meds, which can become addictive. When to use heat therapy or cold therapy depends on your circumstance. Cold packs applied to the skin restrict blood flow and thus reduce swelling and bruising in newly injured areas. Heat packs increase blood flow and are therefore useful for alleviating recurring pain and increasing muscle flexibility.

HOT AND COLD THERAPY packs are versatile

With HOT AND COLD THERAPY Packs, you have the best of both worlds. They are made of tough, flexible high glycerine gel, and they transfer cold or heat without shocking the application area. Heat the pack in the microwave for heat therapy or place it in the freezer for cold therapy. The packs will stay cold or hot for 20 to 40 minutes, which is the recommended time for hot or cold applications.

Relieve tedious hand pain

Is your arthritic hand giving you problems after a long day at the office? The Hot or Cold Therapy Mitten comfortably envelops the entire hand in soothing, penetrating heat. It also could function as a nice hand warmer in winter.

Fight pain in the neck

There’s few things worse than neck pain. The HOT AND COLD THERAPY-Gel Cervical Therapy Collar will prove useful next time you feel what can sometimes be debilitating pain in the neck.

Use the HOT AND COLD THERAPY-Gel Neck Support Roll to relieve the neck when you are laying down. Unlike electrical heating pads, these gel packs’ temperatures last only for the recommended time, so there is no danger in falling asleep.

Heat or cold therapy for the lower back

The HOT AND COLD THERAPY Lumbar Therapy Wrap fits snugly around the lower back, an area which often receives significant stress. A penetrating heat therapy session could loosen up those muscles.

Relieve sinus pain and headaches

Do you suffer from headaches? Consider the HOT AND COLD THERAPY Sinus Mask, which fits just like an eye mask but also offers heat to stimulate blood circulation or cold to reduce swelling.

Leave annoying ice packs and refrigerated steaks behind. The 100 percent leak proof HOT AND COLD THERAPY packs are clean and soothing to the touch.