Hermell Products, Inc.

Hermell Products, Inc. was founded in 1969, by Dr Herman Pollack, a podiatrist who determined that his patients needed a unique bandage that was not commercially available. Working in his home in the evenings, Dr. Pollack created the Softeze™ Tubular Foam Bandage for Finger and Toe Protection. From this modest beginning, Hermell Products, Inc. was born.

Now privately owned and operated by Ron Pollack, son of Dr. Pollack, Hermell has expanded their product line significantly to include: Soft goods featuring orthopedic supports, slings, cervical & lumbar cushions, foot care products, decubitus care products, wheel chair and seating cushions, and a collection of products for the bed. All of our durable products are crafted using cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and American ingenuity.

Arthritis Supplies is proud to offer wedge pillows, arm rest covers, walker grip cushions and other aids that provide comfort from Hermell Products, Inc.
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Removable zippered cover for the Hermell Knee Rest Pillow FW4010
$13.95 $12.95
Longer specialty design wedge pillow for knee support
$45.95 $39.95
Easy to grasp soft walker handgrips for users with arthritis.
Soft, wheelchair armrests covers help prevent skin irritations.
Gently molds to body contours for soft support.
Designed to elevate knees for comfort.
Foam wedge is more effective than pillows and provides better support.
Comfortable support for arthritic backs
Maintains proper spinal alignment
Relieves the discomfort from swollen legs and ankles, caused by arthritis.
Maintain proper pelvic positioning with the Leg Lift Pillow Wedge.
Versatile triangle shaped wedge pillow helps arthritis sufferers be more comfortable.
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