Reclaim the Kitchen with silverware, tableware and eating utensils for Arthritis Sufferers

In the Kitchen

If you miss cooking, or you’re forced to cook for yourself and have excessive pain from arthritis, then the arthritis cookware section of our site is the place for you. These products will have you cooking, cleaning, cutting, opening and dining again with implements designed specifically for your needs.

Dining… with Arthritis

You remember when you took eating for granted, when food didn’t leap off the plate, or get pushed around by your attempts to get it on your fork. While we can’t take arthritis pain away we can offer arthritis sufferers the scoop plate and the scooper bowl to help you dine with ease.

The scoop plate has a curved side that allows arthritis sufferers to trap food and push it easily onto utensils. This polycarbonate plate is made of heat resistant plastic and is dishwasher safe.

And like the scoop polycarbonate plate, the scoop bowl makes dining easier, accommodating arthritis related utensils and reduced movement.

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3 clear plastic canisters with lids that do not require twisting or turning to open.
Keeps users from burning their fingers on hot dishes by remaining cool to the touch.
Complete dining set includes nine pieces of tableware for arthritis dining, ideal for travel.
$74.95 $59.95
Long reach, tool for safely pushing or pulling oven racks
Long rod with large comfort grip handle for easy twisting action
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