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Juvo 32 inch Reacher
Juvo 32 inch Reacher

Juvo 32 inch Reacher - Discontinued

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Features a useful carrying strap.
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The Juvo 32 inch Reacher helps you safely grab items that are hard to reach, and locks hold on them. This grabber tool has a unique trigger lock on the ergonomic handle so you do not have to continuously squeeze the handle to hold the item in the claw. The patented design helps reduce muscle stress and arthritis pain in the hands and arms. Use all four of your fingers to squeeze the handle to close the jaws, then press the trigger up to hold the jaws in place; press the trigger down to release. The center of this 32 inch reacher features a soft comfort grip that facilitates safe reaching with 2 hands.

On the top of the claw is a 0.5 inch horn which works as a dressing hook to help pull things towards you and pull on socks, shoes or pants. A carry strap is attached to the handle so you can easily hook the reacher to your walker or wheelchair. This high quality reacher has soft rubber jaws that open horizontally to 3.5 inches, and are colored bright orange to aid in depth perception. This reaching aid helps you safely reach small objects and retrieve things that are too high or far away.

Juvo products offer helpful lifestyle products that look good, work well, and help you live actively. Juvo solution-oriented products keep those in need of a little assistance living independently. These high quality, well designed, contemporary products help active adults remain independent.

Juvo 32 inch Reacher Specifications:

Lifting capacity: 5 pounds maximum.
Overall length: 32 inches long.
Jaw opening: 3.5 inch diameter.
Color: white, orange, and blue.

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