Your father has been there for you all these years through thick and thin. If you're like many others, you can probably remember times in which your father saved you from some sticky situations, including times where you might have gotten badly injured had he not been there to rescue you.

Fortunately, now you can return him the favor. It's rewarding to know that as your father gets older, he can rely on you to help him through new circumstances, including health conditions like arthritis.

One area of daily living that can be frustrating for many aging fathers is the ability to drive wherever they want to go. If driving has gotten more difficult for your father, it can lead to a stressful situation. You want him to have independence, but you also want him to be safe.

It is very often possible for people with severe arthritis or many other potentially debilitating conditions to maintain their ability to drive. This is possible through many adaptations and accommodations that now exist for people with disabilities.

In our store, we have many accessories for people to use in their cars to be able to position themselves, open doors and gas caps, and buckle their seat belts. In addition to these adaptive aids, there are many ways to adapt the steering and the acceleration and break panels, which you can do through setting up an appointment with your local rehabilitation specialist.

A handle to pull the seat belt

For instance, the Easy Reach Seat Belt Handle could be the perfect gift for your dad this Father's Day. It is a simple, large handle you can place on a seat belt so that your father won't have to reach and fumble for the seat belt latch. This is a useful safety item that will likely encourage your father to wear his seat belt more often. Not only does this handle make grabbing the belt easier, but its glow-in-the-dark material also means its not easy to miss or forget to wear the seat belt.

A solution for hard-to-press buttons

While the above handle helps to put on the seat belt, the lightweight Buckle Bopper Seat Belt Release Aid makes unbuckling that much easier. Your father simply has to place the bopper in the palm of his hand and press down on the release button. The shaft in the middle of the bopper works like a finger to press down on those pesky, hard-to-press seat belt release buttons. Your father will also be able to take the grand-baby out and about and easily unbuckle the seat belt.

Your father will appreciate your help in bringing him driving mobility independence. We hope our products will help you do just that.

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