OrbiTouch Keyless Computer Keyboard & Mouse - Discontinued
OrbiTouch Keyless Computer Keyboard requires no installation software.

OrbiTouch Keyless Computer Keyboard & Mouse - Discontinued

Domes replace keys to create a pain-free typing experience.

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Blue Orb, Inc.
  • Powerful communication tool is easy to use
  • Domes replace keys to minimize hand and wrist movements
  • Provides a pain free computer input experience

The OrbiTouch Keyless Computer Keyboard & Mouse is a powerful communication tool that is simple to learn and easy to use. People with arthritis will find the domes that replace the keys minimize hand and wrist exertion, creating a pain-free typing experience.

The OrbiTouch Keyless Computer Keyboard & Mouse requires no finger or wrist motion to operate. This ergonomic alternative to the standard keyboard is a full 128 character keyboard and mouse in one. People with arthritis and carpal tunnel will find it is much easier to use than a standard keyboard. Regular keyboards cause arthritic fingers to lock during typing. The OrbiTouch completely eliminates finger motion, so users can type without pain and for longer periods of time. The keyless design eliminated pushing with fingers. This keyless keyboard and mouse is used by people who have arm or hand prostheses, limited hand and finger use due to injury, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and many other physical conditions. It is also being successfully used by people who are visually impaired or blind.

The two domes work in tandem with specifically designed color bands that circle around the domes. The left dome color band is divided into blocks featuring letters of the alphabet such as ABCDE. The layout is alphabetical with right hand fixed, left hand moving. For example, when the right dome is moved into the BLUE zone of the circle band and the left dome moved to far left-center the letter E is produced. If the left dome were moved up-center it would produce the letter O. The order of the movement of the domes and timing is not a factor. The simple sliding and navigating of the two domes produces the desired character. Once the user's hand, arm, or prosthetic device is placed on the domes, all typing and mouse movements can be executed without ever removing them. The OrbiTouch will even allow the user to type while wearing boxing gloves! It does not matter which dome is moved first - they can be moved together or separately. To put the orbiTouch in mouse mode, simply slide the left dome to the black zone twice. Once in mouse mode, the orbiTouch domes are used to perform the functions of a mouse.

OrbiTouch Keyless Keyboard Instructions

OrbiTouch Keyless Computer Keyboard & Mouse Specifications:

  • Includes: 1 OrbiTouch Keyless Keyboard, 1 Character Guide, Fast Start Manual.
  • Measures: 8.5 inches wide, 19.25 inches long, 3 inches high.
  • Compatibility: PC and Mac Compatible.
  • Color: White.
  • Made in: USA.

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