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Leg Lifter assists in positioning weak legs.
Leg Lifter assists in positioning weak legs.

Leg Lifter

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Helpful for lifting a weak, painful, or casted leg.
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The Leg Lifter is an easy to use daily living aid helpful for lifting a painful, weak or casted leg. People with arthritis who have difficulty moving their legs will find this leg lifting aid helpful for increasing their mobility and independence.

The Leg Lifter leg lifting aid is constructed of reinforced polyester webbing over a rigid aluminum rod. At one end is the hand loop, and at the other end is the larger foot loop. The foot loop opening can be positioned to accommodate a leg cast. By placing the foot loop over the foot, the user can then easily lift the leg onto a bed, or position the leg. Durable reinforced 1 inch polyester webbing covers a rigid but adjustable 26 inch long metal rod. The Leg Lifter measures 42 inches long.

Leg Lifter Specifications:

  • Color: Navy Blue.
  • Length: 42 inches.
  • Material: Aluminum rod and foothold covered with webbing.

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