Everyone’s guilty of their own kitchen nightmare, the stove’s been on for an hour and nobody has noticed, a pot of water boiled over ten minutes ago, or maybe you were pulling a pizza out of the oven and accidentally dropped it from the heat. Whatever it was, we’ve all been there, some more than others. Conditions like Arthritis can make accomplishing regular household tasks more difficult than ever before, but that’s why practicing safe and adaptive kitchen etiquette can help.

Safety First

There’s plenty of safe alternatives with kitchenware and most of them are beneficial to those with Arthritis. Such as the Un-Skru Jar Opener, it can be used under the counter or near a cabinet. No hassle of a grip, it can be mounted for easy use. We’ve all struggled opening a few pickle jars in our life and this provides a great solution.

An item that most households always have is a pair of oven mitts. When utilized correctly, they’re helpful and pain-free. They prevent burns, table warping, and give a better grip, but they’re not often used for microwavable meals. Sometimes in order to properly heat up a bowl of soup, it also heats up the bowl and makes it impossible to enjoy a hot meal without burning yourself trying to retrieve it from the microwave. That’s where the Cool Grip Microwave Caddy comes in, just place your plate or bowl on top, pop it in the microwave and retrieve the caddy with no discomfort.

Safety in the kitchen can be anything from proper cutting techniques to remembering to turn the stove off. Specialty knives and cooking timers can solve this problem easily. Practice safe navigation, like how to hold, wash, and dry a knife. Something that most mothers teach us as kids is to be mindful of our surroundings and to handle things with care. Well, sometimes no matter how mindful we are, accidents still happen. That’s why adaptive kitchenware is a safe alternative.

Alternate Kitchenware

Safety, convenience, and comfortability are the things to search for when purchasing adaptive kitchenware. Here’s a good place to start to keep your kitchen safe and comfy.

  • Comfort Grip Long Stove Knob Turning Aid - For the hard-to-reach stove controls, the three pots in the way, and the clumsy hands, the Comfort Grip Long Stove Knob Turning Aid provides a safe alternative to controlling the stove. No more worries of accidental burns!
  • Comfort Grip Push-Pull Oven Tool - Sometimes the oven mitts just don’t do the trick and pulling out heated racks from the oven can seem overwhelming. This tool provides easy use of oven racks so that popping things in and out of the oven can be a safer experience.
  • Light Switch Extension - Every have one of those pesky light switches in the most inconvenient corner of the kitchen? This tool solves that problem. With the extension, reaching to cut the lights on and off is easier and more reliable than leaning over the counter to do it.

Other aids such as adaptive knives and utensils are always good to have around the house, some have more safety features while others are weighted for sturdier use with conditions like Arthritis. Don’t add on to your kitchen nightmares, stay safe and comfortable with adaptive kitchenware!

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