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Mangar Health is a world leader in the design and manufacture of inflatable moving and handling and bathing equipment and has been helping people with their independence, dignity and an improved quality of life since 1981. Mangar Health is an award-winning organization, proud to serve a global healthcare market.

Arthritis Supplies is proud to supply cushions, bathers, bath lifts, and more by Mangar Health.
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Inflatable pillow wedge and structured backrest that easily raises or lowers a person in bed
Inflatable support cushion that assists users in rising from lying down to upright sitting position in bed
Inflatable cushion designed to assist users in standing from a seated position
Easy to install, battery powered bath lift chair.
Bath lift renowned for its comfort, practicality, and ease of use
Inflatable cushion designed to help people who have trouble raising their legs into bed.
Helps lift a fallen person from the floor into a seated position
Compact, battery powered inflatable cushion designed to lift a person from the floor.