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MedDev Corporation introduced its first resistance exerciser, the Hand Helper® to the hand therapy and rehabilitation market in 1969. Today, MedDev is a leading manufacturer of hand exercise equipment.

Our goal is to provide quality products to keep your hands active. Exercising daily with our Hand Helpers defend (or combat) the potential for disabling injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and the pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. Useful, functioning hands are essential for maintaining an independent lifestyle and enjoying life's simple daily activities such as sports, or hobbies like woodworking and knitting. Products include the Ultimate Hand Helper, the original Hand Helper®, the Finger Helper®, the Thumb Helper®, and the Iso Hand Helper® exercisers. The company also offers the Soft Touch® foam exercisers and the FiddlLink® exerciser for digital dexterity.

Arthritis Supplies by The Wright Stuff is proud to offer Hand Helper Hand Exerciser Products for Active Hands by MedDev Corporation.
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3 hand-contoured foam blocks designed to help strengthen and promote flexibility in weak or sensitive hands.
Provides a variety of exercise options to promote thumb and individual finger strength.
Comfortable, effective and versatile hand exerciser improves range of motion and grip strength while promoting tendon glide.
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