An unfortunate effect of arthritis is that it can take an activity that you use to do and enjoy and make it difficult and painful. The act of writing is one such activity. If you find it hard to write because of limited movement or pain in your hand due to arthritis, then you might benefit from adapted writing utensils.

The Gripper

The Gripper is a simple solution for people with arthritis. It’s a cushioned grip that you slip on your pen or pencil that provides comfort and increased control of your writing utensil. Regular size grippers fit standard-size pens and pencils. The assorted size grippers fit other items such as artists’ brushes and eating utensils.

BipGrip Pen Grip

Arthritis can make it hard to grasp on to narrow pens and make your writing hard to control or even painful. The BipGrip Pen Grip solves this problem bumping up your pen’s diameter to a full inch. In a word, huge. And that’s a good thing. Here’s why. By making your pen fatter, the BipGrip makes it easy to grasp and control your pen with simpler, more comfortable movements.

Ergo Sof PenAgain

Using a patented, ergonomic design, the Ergo Sof PenAgain is designed to adapt to the contour of your hand. It uses the natural weight of your hand to apply ink to the paper, meaning you won’t have to grip it and bear down as with normal pens. Let the weight of your hand apply the pressure and use your thumb and forefinger merely as guides.

Ergo Writer

Designed by an occupational therapist, the Ergo Writer alleviates the pain of writing associated with arthritis and painful fingers. It’s specially designed to position the thumb in a natural position that reduces stress on the wrist. It can be used with most standard pens and pencils and can be used by right-handed and left-handed users alike.

Eazyhold Grip Assist Adult 5-Pack

The Eazyhold Grip Assist Adult 5-Pack are comfortable, soft, soft silicone straps that provide gripping assistance. These hand mobility support straps allow people with arthritis who needs assistance gripping to use a variety of utensils and tools .

Write on!

If arthritis has limited or even completely ceased your ability to write comfortably, these adapted writing aids for arthritis can help. They use ergonomic principles to reduce strain on your fingers and wrist and make the activity of writing easy and enjoyable again.