Multi Marketing & Mfg, Inc.

Multi Marketing & Mfg, Inc. focuses on selling hand friendly household openers that eases the process of opening jars, pill bottles, doors, and more. Multi Marketing & Mfg began by selling the UN-SKRU under-cabinet jar opener. The UN-SKRU is simple and reliable due to its easy install, one handed usage, and its ability to work with nearly any size lid. Multi Marketing also makes the Hand Key-per 8-way Opener. This product is an eight in one device that includes a key ring, easy key turner, envelope slitter, pop top tab opener, Aspirin bottle opener, magnet, medicine jar opener, and emery board.

Arthritis Supplies is proud to supply the UN-SKRU Jar Opener and Hand Key-per 8-way Opener by Multi Marketing & Mfg, Inc.
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Under counter or cabinet mount opener for jars, bottles with screw type lids.
Helpful tool for opening bottles, cans, bags.