Because arthritis affects so many people, there are many misconceptions about effective treatments for this often debilitating condition. We would like to clear up a few misguided ideas about arthritis treatments, and hopefully pave the way to healthy solutions for persons who suffer from arthritis.

Myth: Arthritis pain must be tolerated; there is no cure for arthritis.

Fact: False. While it is true that there is currently no cure for arthritis, the pain associated with arthritis can indeed be managed effectively. One of the most common sources of pain is related to sitting or lying down--both of which put stress on inflamed joints. Special arthritic pillows are available to dramatically ease this pain.

Myth: Many of the old-fashioned arthritis treatments don't work very well.

Fact: Partially true. As medical science evolves, the treatment of arthritic pain also evolves. Old-fashioned heating pads and hot water bottles still provide some degree of relief from discomfort. But these treatments can be improved on by a remarkable new technology called MediBeads. Essentially, MediBeads provides the same soothing comfort--heat and moisture--but is cleaner, easier to prepare, and remains warmer longer than the old-fashioned methods.

Myth: Herbal arthritic treatments are the best cures for arthritic pain.

Fact: False. As of this time, herbal treatments have not been proven to reduce the inflammation associated with arthritis. The best non-prescription medicines recommended by doctors are: aspirin, ibuprofen, and Tylenol. Doctors also recommend special gel cushions to make sitting and resting easier and activity-specific pillows and pads.

Myth: Splints are only for broken bones.

Fact: False. While splints are commonly associated with broken bones, they are also used to treat arthritic pain. The "splint" category encompasses many different aids: comfortable wraps, gloves, slings specially designed to limit the range of motion that causes joint inflammation.

Myth: Those super-comfortable high-tech bed pads are available only to hospitals and institutions.

Fact: False. Yes, Akton mattress overlays are often associated with large medical facilities. But these sophisticated 100% polymer overlays are now available to the consumer market.

Myth: Heat packs are expensive.

Fact: True and false. Those one-time-use, disposable heat packs certainly do get expensive. But MediBeads
heat packs
are fully reusable, rechargable, and washable.

Myth: Arthritis can affect anyone, regardless of age.

Fact: True. Though most commonly associated with the elderly, arthritis can affect people of different ages, genders, and race.