Natural Spectrum PageLight - Discontinued
Natural Spectrum PageLight

Natural Spectrum PageLight - Discontinued

Illuminates each page while marking your place.

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Verilux, Inc.
  • Light is spread evenly across the flat panel screen and illuminates each page without glare.
  • Light stays on the page and provides excellent black and white contrast.
  • Built-in dimmer switch allows you to adjust the light level as preferred.
  • 3-AAA batteries (sold separately) provide up to 50 hours of reading pleasure.
The Natural Spectrum PageLight helps you read at night without disturbing others in the room trying to sleep. Bright, natural light is spread gently across the page from a flat panel screen lit by LED Natural Spectrum lights. Measuring 7 inches x 6 inches, it's just the right size for a paperback, but sheds enough light for a hardcover book or magazine without glare. Read easily in bed or on dimly lit planes or trains without disrupting others around you.

The PageLight features a dimming switch to adjust the intensity of light and serves as a page marker for your book. The PageLight will soon become a "must have" in your car for those long rides.

Natural Spectrum PageLight Specifications:

Warranty: 1 year limited.
Size: 7 inches x 6 inches.
Weight: 0.4 pounds.

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