Relieve, Prevent Neck Pain With Neck Pillow

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Have you been experiencing neck pain? Many conditions and circumstances can cause neck pain, and neck pain is indeed very common. You should always speak with your doctor when problems persist. At The Wright Stuff, we concentrate on many non-medicine solutions for treating pain symptoms, including daily living aids for leading a healthy, active lifestyle, as well as body positioning aids.

The popularity of the neck pillow

One item that has grown in popularity among people who experience neck pain is the neck pillow. Neck pillows can offer many of the things you may need to relieve and prevent pain in the neck. Very often, sleeping and napping positions that are less than ideal can lead to unnecessary neck pain. If you are already experiencing chronic neck pain, unhealthy sleeping positions can exacerbate the problem. Traditional pillows do not give support to the neck and sometimes they can even make the pain worse.

Check out our selection of neck pillows below and wrap your neck in a soothing, comfortable, specially designed cushion.

A fun, comfy, twistable pillow

Contour Twist Pillow

Contour Twist Pillow

The Contour Twist Pillow is our most versatile neck pillow. This cylinder-shaped cushion can extend straight across, custom fold to cradle the neck to exactly the right contour, or fold to support the neck and the side of the head for easy napping. Generally speaking, when wrapped around your neck in a seated position, the ends of the Contour Twist Pillow should be pointed downward. Point them horizontally when lying down. Of course, with the Contour Twist Pillow, there are seemingly an infinite number of positioning possibilities.

Neck pillow for the car or a plane

Travel Core Pillow

Travel Core Pillow

The Travel Core Pillow is a little more compact and perfect for traveling. As with other neck pillows, point the lobes down when seated or up when lying down for maximum comfort. However, whatever position gives you most comfort is the best position!

Fashionable, crescent-shaped pillow

Crescent Pillow Mate

Crescent Pillow Mate

We also offer the beautiful Crescent Pillow Mate for relieving neck pain. It is made of hypoallergenic polyester fiber and comes with either a white polyester/cotton or blue satin cover.

You may be surprised just how comfortable these pillows are when you try them. We hope we have helped you find just the one you were looking for. If you found this article helpful, share with friends!


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this twisted crescent pillow is a cute option for the neck pain , the trouble of neck pain can also be shooed away by using the travel core pillow while driving. Thanks for sharing the post.

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