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North Coast Medical Inc. has maintained an outstanding reputation in the global rehabilitation market. North Coast Medical are more than just a distributor and manufacturer of products, equipment & supplies. North Coast is a strategic supply chain partner, providing innovative opportunities for customers and business partners. Now a second-generation family business, North Coast continues to invest in the future while steadfastly adhering to strong ethics and integrity.

Arthritis Supplies is proud to offer a wide rand of industry-leading rehabilitation medical care products by North Coast Medical Inc.
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Package of 3 replacement wedge sponges
Helpful writing aid for those who lack thumb to fingertip pinch.
Right hand compression glove that covers wrist and helps relieve arthritis joint pain.
Left hand over the wrist glove that provides gentle compression for users with arthritis.
Bendable shaft for left or right handed use.
$33.95 $24.95
Soft, gentle, even compression for swollen fingers and hands.
Compression glove provides relief for persons with osteoarthritis
Non-slip bottom and raised sides helps make scooping food easier.
Holds mixing bowls securely to help avoid accidental spills.
Holds a pen or pencil and provides additional wrist support.
Convenient pill crusher, splitter and storage container.
Ergonomically designed to fit the palm comfortably.
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