Arthritis can interfere with daily living activities. Often, the right office work place aids can help people suffering from arthritis complete their daily tasks arthritis pain free. The proper office work place products can reduce your arthritis pain and deliver joint pain relief. Shop through our selection of assistive office work place products and get the relief that you need to live a normal life again.

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Ergonomically designed Good Grips rubber handles.
Rubber grips can be attached to or can replace existing grips on any pen, pencil or pencil-like tool for ease of use.
Provide a larger gripping surface and cushion grip.
Ideal scissors for swollen finger joints due to arthritis.
Spring automatically re-opens the scissors.
Lightweight scissors are ideal for people with decreased hand strength.
Features a permanently attached base that stabilizes the hand at a special angle for smooth handwriting.
Positions and angles the pen or pencil correctly for use.
Correctly positions the thumb to reduce stress placed on the wrist.
Helps arthritic hands push buttons on keyboards, microwaves, telephones
Built-up grip for increased control of pens, pencils and other utensils.
Recommended for Weak Grip or for Poor Hand Control.
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