Not all men are the same, but chances are that your father is interested in at least one of the many activities that are generally considered manly. Fishing, golfing, hunting and bowling are among the many activities every man is proudly entitled to enjoy, but they can be particularly difficult if your father is dealing with arthritis, the number one cause of disability in America according to the Arthritis Foundation.

But arthritis should not stand in the way of your father being the manliest man he can be. In fact, medical experts and the arthritis community attest to the importance of staying active in spite of the sometimes debilitating symptoms caused by arthritis. We have many unique products that can provide maximum comfort before, during and after physical activities and make a special gift for your father with arthritis.

Protecting the hand

Our wide selection of gloves and joint supports provide excellent comfort while throwing a hook or driving off the tee. Particularly versatile is the Action Wrist Wrap, which is made with the flexibility of nylon and spandex and offers wrist control without impeding hand function. Available in different sizes, it features skin protective foam lining that will prevent uncomfortable skin irritation.

Another sling optimal for hand pain is our Action ThumbSling. Engineered with a moisture transfer system to keep skin clean and dry, the Action ThumbSling evenly compresses and supports the CMC joint to help prevent subluxation and grinding. According to Ricky Jaggi of Dalhousie University, supporting a grinding thumb can help with pain and even avoid the need for surgery.

Hugging the knee

Perhaps some of the most common pain experienced during men’s favorite hobbies is knee pain. The Thermoskin Arthritis Knee Wrap could very well be just what your father needs to support that problematic knee. This knee wrap, made with elasticized fabrics, allows for adjustable levels of compression and breathes easily to keep skin clean and dry.

Tender elbows

Of course, the nerves and ligaments surrounding the elbow can be especially tender, especially for those with arthritis. The Silipos Moisturizing Gel Elbow Sleeve is a lightweight, flexible cushion sleeve that can be worn to protect the elbow from pressure, friction and shear forces. While this is not an elbow pad for protection against falling off bikes or performing professional wrestling maneuvers, it will come in handy for plenty of other manly activities!

Planning for pain

Despite all of these tools and precautions to keep the body comfortable during physical activity, sometimes pain is simply inevitable for men who don't let their arthritis get in the way of leading an active lifestyle. When pain occurs, it is vital to plan for relief. But instead of your father having to pop even more pills, why not try the all-natural Heat Therapy Pain Relief Cream. Made with aloe vera and other natural ingredients, the Heat Therapy Pain Relief Cream penetrates deep to deliver relief from arthritis pain, joint stiffness and muscle aches. Combine it with Medibeads Heat Wraps such as the comfortable Arthritis Joint Wrap, which can be warmed easily in the microwave for heat therapy after a long, successful day of hunting, fishing or playing sports.

This Father's Day, find the gift that will allow your father with arthritis to carry out his favorite hobby and finally feel comfortable while doing so.