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Peta Easi-Grip Add-On Handles Pack of 2
Peta Easi-Grip Add-On Handles Pack of 2

Peta Easi-Grip Add-On Handles Pack of 2

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Adapts garden tool handles for better gripping power.
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The Peta Easi-Grip Add-On Handles Pack of 2 convert conventional style in-line tools into an ergonomic grip garden tools. Users with arthritis will find these adapted handles may be fitted to a wide range of gardening, home, and workshop tools, to give them a firmer, more positive grip.

The Peta Easi-Grip Add-On Handles keep the hand and wrist in a natural angle with prevents causing discomfort of the wrist. Add these special handles to gardening tools to convert them into ergonomically correct tools which keep the hand and wrist in a comfortable position. The handles are sold in packs of two and can be fitted to most standard garden equipment to improve work position and grip. They will fit handles up to 1.5 inch in diameter and are fitted using steel clamps. The two stainless steel clamps can be finger tightened with the wing nuts.

Fitting the handle on tools such as hand trowels and forks positions the user's hand in an upright position which helps reduce wrist strain and discomfort. For long handle tools such as rakes and hoes, one handle can be placed at the top and a second handle can be fitted further down the long handle shaft. One hand can be used for gripping while your other hand helps steady and push or pull the tool.

Peta Easi-Grip Add-on Handles have an opening in the back which accommodates the Peta Arm Support Cuff. The arm support gives extra comfort for the arm and wrist and is particularly helpful if you use one hand, have a weak grip or weak wrists.

PDF Peta Easi-Grip Add-On Handles Instructions

Peta Easi-Grip Add-On Handles Specifications:

  • Includes: Package of 2 handles.
  • Fits: Maximum handle diameter 1.5 inches.
  • Material: Stainless steel clamps.
  • Made in: UK.

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