Are you an avid card player? Can you line up a gin rummy set in no time? Can you take a trick in Spades like there's no tomorrow? Can you "go fishing" like an expert?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you might very well be interested in our complete set of adaptive card playing aids that allow you to show off your skills despite your arthritis.

Hands-free, concave playing card holder

First, you need to be able to hold your hand of cards easily and in a way that no one else can see them! Our Hands Free Card Holder is the best card holder for serious gamers and for games that require holding many cards. The Hands Free Card Holder holds up to 15 cards and a package comes with 2 holders. Most games of Spades, for instance, require 13 cards per hand (for a four-player game). The Hands Free Card Holder stands on its own and holds the cards in a fanned out manner. This hands-free cards experience not only takes the effort and arthritis pain out of playing cards, but it also will allow anyone who uses it the opportunity to multi-task, including eating and drinking. Furthermore, the Hands Free Card Holder holds your cards in a concave shape, meaning no one will be able to sneak a peak at your hand!

Transparent playing card holder

Our clear Playing Card Holder is another good option, with its primary strength being that you can more easily see the cards because of the clear plastic material used. This is especially useful for games in which the player must be able to see the entire card. Popular tabletop and board games like Dominion, Monopoly, Risk and Apples to Apples are examples of such games. The Playing Card Holder can be bought in two sizes (10-inch or 15-inch) and can therefore hold plenty of cards. It does not have a concave shape like the Hands Free Card Holder, but this may be preferable for you, since it makes it easier to put the cards in the holder.

Card holder with fanning feature

Our Peta Easi Grip Card Holder requires the most strength and dexterity to use, but its advantage is that it simulates physically holding cards more than the other card holders. Insert a stack of up to 15 cards in between the discs. Then turn the discs in opposite directions to fan out the cards. The Peta Easi Grip Card Holder does not stand on its own and therefore must be held upright by the user.

Card tray for quick drawing

Put the icing on the cake to your adaptive playing card experience with the Clear Playing Card Tray. Instead of trying to draw cards from the deck only to knock the deck over by accident, use the Clear Playing Card Tray to easily draw one card at a time. No more having to lick your finger every time you just want to draw one card! Note that we also sell a Swivel Card Tray, which allows for rotating the tray between players but might not feel as stable as the regular card tray.

Whether you "go fishing" or "go gin," take your mind of the physical stress of holding and drawing cards and allow your mind to focus on strategy. We know, winning isn't everything. You might lose to your opponent from time to time, but you should never have to lose to arthritis!

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