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PUSH Sports Knee Brace
PUSH Sports Knee Brace

PUSH Sports Knee Brace

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Low profile sports brace provides comfortable knee support with leaf spring hinges for arthritis knee pain.
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The PUSH® Sports Knee Brace is a low profile knee support designed for knee pain due to general instability, arthrits, meniscus injury or patellofemoral pain syndrome. This very comfortable sports brace provides support and compression around the knee joint during sports activites.

The PUSH® Sports Knee Brace features leaf spring hinges along the sides of the knee joint that are designed to help prevent lateral movement, without restricting flexion and extension. The U shaped pad around the patella exerts pressure on the patella tendon to increase stability. Made of thin, lightweight material that wicks perspiration away from the skin, the brace has anti-slip lining that prevents slipping. Users with Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis of the knee, patellofemoral pain or mild patella instability, mild instability after trauma or injury to collateral ligaments, post-operative protection after cruciate ligament surgery (ACL) at end stage of rehabilitation will find this sports knee brace provides comfortable support.

The PUSH® Sports Knee Brace fits both the left and right knee. To determine best size, bend knee to a 90 degree angle and measure around the narrowest part of the knee as shown in the image. Choose the corresponding size from the chart. The PUSH® Sports Knee Brace is easy to apply and remove and provides comfortable joint support during sports activities.

PUSH® Sports Knee Brace Specifications:

  • Choose Size: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large.
  • Fits: Left or Right knee.
  • Measure: Knee circumference. Small fits 10-5/8 to 12-1/4 inches, Medium fits 12-1/4 to 13-3/4 inches, Large fits 13-3/4 to 15-3/4 inches, Extra Large fits 15-3/4 to 17-3/4 inches.
  • Care: Machine washed on gentle cycle at low temperature. Be sure straps are closed during washing. Washing in a net bag is recommended. DO NOT add bleach. DO NOT dry in dryer or wash in a dishwasher.

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