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Raptor Reacher
Raptor Reacher

Raptor Reacher

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Durable, lightweight reaching aid with full finger trigger.
Product ID: AMI76945
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The Raptor Reacher is an all plastic reacher with a contemporary design. Full finger trigger is designed to allow the user to engage all fingers for gripping, ideal for arthritic hands.

The Raptor Reacher jaw opens a full 2.5 inches and the reacher measures 24 inches long. This durable, lightweight reacher provides a tight grip on even the smallest items such as coins or bulky items like newspapers, clothing and cans. The hook-like extension on the front can be used as a dressing aid. This lightweight, durable grabber weighs only 6 oz. The trigger allows all 5 fingers for gripping, making it ideal for people with arthritis who have decreased finger and hand strength to use.

Raptor Reacher Specifications:

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