Your health care provider can recommend special grabbers and pick up tools depending on the type of arthritis or disability you have. Quite often the right reaching device will allow arthritis sufferers to pick up or extend their reach to retrieve items otherwise not possible.

Grabber Reachers

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Perfect for reaching into nooks and crannies, grabbing things just out of reach.
Blue silicone suction cup tips provide a powerful and secure grip with delicate sensitivity.
Provides a powerful and secure grip with delicate sensitivity.
Durable, lightweight reaching aid with full finger trigger.
Easy to use reaching aid helps users pick up hard-to-reach items without bending over.
Reaching aid with easy to grip ergonomic handle that is wider and more comfortable for arthritic hands to hold.
Allows users to securely close the jaws around an object with very little effort.
Full finger trigger easy for arthritic hands to squeeze
Light weight grabber with ergonomic designed angled handle that is more comfortable to grip.
Light weight grabber designed with ergonomic angled handle allows users to pick up items with less effort.
Ergonomic design, light weight grabber with jaws that rotate for picking up items from vertical or horizontal positions.
Light weight grabber ergonomic design angled handle requires less hand strength, jaws rotate for picking up items in both horizontal and vertical positions.
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