If you have arthritis symptoms, such as painful or weak hands and arms, you may have noticed that holding books open is much harder than it used to be.

People generally think of reading as a non-physical activity, but when you really consider it, reading a book requires strength and dexterity. Many new books are made with extremely durable binding and acid-free paper, which is very smooth and slippery. Holding any book open requires a certain amount of force to keep the binding open and to grasp the slippery pages, and sustaining this force over the course of hours of reading can take a toll on the person's hand, especially if that person has arthritis.

You need more than just a prop

Book holders are a good solution to this problem, but not just any book holder will do. There are many kinds of book holders out there for many different purposes. For instance, quite a few book holders on the market, although they work well, are only made as a stand to prop up your book while you do the majority of the physical labor of actually holding the book open. Furthermore, many book holders are made for desktops, so you will have trouble using them in other areas of the home such as your bed.

LEVO G2 Book Holder Stand

That's where the LEVO G2 Book Holder Stand comes into play. This is truly a comprehensive book-holding system. This is the kind of book holder you are likely searching for if you have arthritis, a disability, or any kind of physical limitation that makes it difficult to hold open a book.

Take it anywhere in your house

For starters, with the LEVO G2 Book Holder Stand, you can take your book anywhere in your house, not just your table or work desk. The swivel arm allows for positioning on the horizontal axis, and the rod that the arm is attached to can adjust up and down for the desired height. The whole system rests on a durable base with wheels.

Really does hold books open!

Perhaps the best part, however, about the LEVO G2 Book Holder Stand is that it can actually hold books open to the desired page, and page-flipping is made easy. The LEVO G2 Book Holder Stand uses basic science and physics to simulate the complex manipulations people usually make with their hands to hold a book open.

This is achieved by two specific mechanisms: the binding holders and the page holders. The binding holders are clips that go around the front and back covers of your book, close to the spine of the book. This is critical in any book holder if you want to firmly hold the book open without it snapping shut. When you are using this part of the device, you usually want the cover and spine to be pressed against the board as flat as possible.

The page holders are those clips that hold the page back on both sides of the book. The end of these clips is rounded, which allows the user to more easily slip a page underneath the clip for easy page-turning.

There's no reason to punish your hands or put up with the pain and muscle stress. The LEVO G2 Book Holder Stand could be your answer to a more peaceful reading experience. It also holds iPads and other tablets!

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