Self Adjusting Straw Holder - Discontinued
Self Adjusting Straw Holder clips on the side of a cup, bottle, or glass.

Self Adjusting Straw Holder - Discontinued

Adjusts to hold a straw firmly and securely.

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Hummingbird Sipper
  • Automatically adjusts to hold firmly and securely.
  • Clip attaches holder to the side of a bottle, glass, or cup.
The Self-Adjusting Straw Holder holds a variety of different size drinking straws. The flexible joints allow it to automatically adjust to hold straws firmly and securely. This adapted drinking straw holder straw holder is made of extremely light weight stainless steel. Simply slide the Self-Adjusting Straw Holder onto a straw from 1/4 inch diameter up to 3/4 inch diameter, then attach the holder to the side of any water bottle, cup or glass. For people with arthritis who have difficulty holding a drinking straw will find the Self-Adjusting Straw Holder helpful.

Self Adjusting Straw Holder Specifications:

Holds: Straw sizes 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch diameter.
Material: Light weight stainless steel.
Includes: One straw holder.

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