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Self Wipe Toilet Tissue Aid

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Toileting aid the rounded design provides more comfort than other devices.
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The Self Wipe Toilet Tissue Aid is an easy to use, extended toilet paper holder with a smooth, rounded design. This personal hygiene aid is helpful for people who have difficulty bending due to arthritis.

Made of sturdy plastic, the Self Wipe is designed to be comfortable to use and allows for accurate placement and pressure. Toilet tissue is placed around the angled clamp on the lower portion of the device. Tissue is discarded by inserting the thumb and pressing an easy-to-use release button on the end of the handle. The handle measures 9-3/4 inches, angled clamp portion measures 5 inches, total length from top to lower tip is 14-3/4 inches.

Non returnable hygiene item.

Self Wipe Toilet Tissue Aid Specifications:

  • Handle measures: 9-¾ inches in long.
  • Angled Clamp measures: 5 inches long.
  • Overall length: 14-¾ inches (from top to lower tip).
  • Material: Sturdy plastic.
  • Care: Autoclavable, sterilizer and alcohol safe with non-rusting internal parts.
  • WARNING: Important information for California residents

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