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AKE240 Sleeve Aide Dressing Clips : Package of 2
AKE240 Sleeve Aide Dressing Clips : Package of 2

Sleeve Aide Dressing Clips - Discontinued

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Package of 2 sleeve clips assist in holding shirt while putting on shirts, coats, jackets.
Product ID: AKE240
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The Sleeve Aide Dressing Clips include two easy to hold sleeve clips designed to gently grip the user’s shirt sleeve when slipping on a jacket, coat, or sweater. Users with arthritis will find these shirt sleeve grip dressing aids eliminate the struggle of weak hands while putting on outerwear.

The Sleeve Aide Dressing Clips provide a helpful solution to the problem of keeping sleeves in place when putting on a coat. Users with arthritis, decreased hand dexterity who struggle to hold their sleeves when putting on a jacket will find these dressing aids easy to use. Made in the USA, the Sleeve Aide comes with a clip specifically chosen to be safe and easy to use for users with problems with their hands. Simply slide your fingers through the loop leaving the Sleeve-Aide resting in the palm of your hand, then attach the clip to your shirt sleeve. Next, slide your arm into your coat, jacket or sweater. Finally, detach clip and repeat the steps for the other sleeve. The Sleeve Aide Dressing Clips keep the shirt securely and comfortably in place.

The Sleeve Aide Dressing Clips measures 5-3/8 inches long and 3 inches wide. It’s slim design allows users to easily carry it in their coat pocket or purse. The dressing clips are made from a comfortable, smooth, durable and flexible rubber, making them easy to clean and comfortable to grip. The Sleeve Aid Dressing Clips easily fit in the user's hands and each package includes two sleeve grips.

Sleeve Aide Dressing Clips Specifications:

  • Includes: Package of 2 sleeve clips.
  • Measures: 5-3/8 inches long, 3 inches wide.
  • Color: Blue.
  • Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE).
  • Made in: USA.

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