Soap Gripper - Discontinued
Soap Gripper

Soap Gripper - Discontinued


Suction cup soap bar gripper and hanger.

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Krulick's Distributing
  • Suction cup grips soap firmly.
  • Helps end dropping or losing soap.
  • Suction cup hanger holds soap when not in use.
  • Allows soap bars to dry between uses.
The Soap Gripper is an adapted holder that consists of a flexible plastic suction cup soap gripper and hanger. People with arthritis who have difficulty holding a bar of soap will find this adapted holder helpful.

The Soap Gripper is easy to use. First, apply the suction cup to a smooth wet surface of the soap using a twisting motion to embed the mounting post in the soap. Then, push the suction cup gripper and soap together, make one final twist on the gripper, and you are ready for showering. Simply slide your middle finger into the finger ring, and the gripper holds the soap firmly for you. After showering, hang the soap gripper on the soap hanger. The suction cup hanger can be mounted on any smooth surface. (After mounting the hanger, please wait 10 minutes for hanger to dry before hanging soap gripper with soap on the hanger.) The soap will last longer, and you can use a dry bar of soap every time you bath. (Soap not included.)

Soap Gripper Specifications:

  • Suction cup gripper dimensions: 1.75 inch diameter.
  • Finger ring dimensions: 1.25 inch diameter.
  • Gripper weight: 0.3 oz.
  • Color: Clear.
  • Material: Soft PVC.
  • Includes: One Soap Gripper: suction cup mounting post and suction cup finger ring.
Mech Design Eng
I have been using the soap gripper for about a year. I find it a very useful device since I was dropping my bar soap frequently in my cramped shower stall. The suction cup has worked on both sides of curved bars that I have tried. Any raised or depressed lettering must be smoothed over if you use the suction cup on the side with the lettering. No more slipper soap for me!
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Reviewed by:  from Drums Pa.. on 12/4/2012
Inventor, Soap Gripper
Concerning mounting the gripper, follow directions included with the gripper. 1: Remove letters with nylon side of sponge, making a good lather. 2: Wet gripper 3: Mount the post in the soap by twisting the gripper 4: Push Gripper against soap to seat suction cup 5: Turn gripper to firmly seat gripper and post. Wait 5 minutes before using. I recently used procedure to mount a gripper on two soaps, one concave and one convex surface, and have been showering with both soaps for two weeks sucessfully.
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Reviewed by:  from Allentown, Pa. on 12/2/2012
Sometimes Nifty
This device works well wit flat bar soap but does not work on curved bar soap. It's necessary to make certain the holding cup is buried well into the bar of soap.
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Reviewed by:  from Minnesota. on 11/28/2012
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