Soft Comfort Hot & Cold Pads stay soft even when frozen and are soft and gentle against the skin.

Soft Comfort Hot & Cold Pads

Soft Comfort Hot & Cold Pads are reusable hot and cold pads that feature a soft, “frost-free” surface that protects the skin. These therapy pads have more fill than traditional pads so they retain cold and heat longer. Store them in the freezer and the non-toxic biodegradable gel inside remains soft and pliable. Put them directly in the microwave and heat for moist heat therapy. These effective hot and cold pads are available in different sizes for a variety of applications. Cold pads and hot pads effectively help treat arthritis pain and other muscular injuries. Heat Therapy Instructions: Heat for 30 seconds in microwave, knead, then check. Continue heating in 10 second intervals until desired warmth is reached. Knead after each heating and check with the pack with the palm of your hand before applying. Cold Therapy Instructions: Place in freezer for 2-3 hours until correct temperature is reached. Can be stored in freezer until ready to use. Soft Comfort Hot & Cold Pads are made in the USA.
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6 x 10 inch soft cover reusable gel hot or cold therapy pad.
10 x 13 inches hot or cold pad.
Large 11 x 15 inch pad with 3 section, hot or cold reusable gel pad for upper back, shoulders, and neck.
6 x 20 inch pad for neck and cervical spine.
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