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SuperPole Heavy Duty Transfer Pole
SuperPole Heavy Duty Transfer Pole

SuperPole Heavy Duty Transfer Pole

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Provides stability during transfers for people weighing up to 450 lbs
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The SuperPole Heavy Duty Transfer Pole is a floor-to-ceiling bariatric transfer pole. This heavy duty, expansion fit transfer pole provides stability and support when moving from sitting to standing for people who weigh up to 450 lbs.

The SuperPole installs easily without structural reinforcements. It has a jack-screw expansion that creates tension between the floor and ceiling to hold the pole securely. The transfer pole is held in place with rubber pads on the ceiling and floor plates that prevent marring the ceiling or the floor. The pole features a comfortable foam hand grip suited for arthritic hands. Install the pole beside a bed, bath, toilet, or chair to provide additional support and stability. Since the SuperPole System Heavy Duty is required to handle more weight than the regular SuperPole Basic, it should be secured to the ceiling and the floor.

The following add-on accessories are available for the SuperPole System: The SuperBar Add On Kit, Uni-Fit Extender, Ceiling Plate Extender.

Note: The SuperPole System should only be installed between floors and ceilings of solid construction or injury may result. The SuperPole System should not be installed on loose floor coverings, in rooms with radiant ceiling heating, in mobile homes, or in suspended or angled ceilings. Recommended weight limits are 450 lbs. All designs and specifications subject to change without notice.

HealthCraft SuperPole System Heavy Duty Specifications:

  • Material: Heavy duty steel 1 inch diameter, 90 inches long.
  • Finish: Anti-microbial powder coat white gloss finish.
  • Grip material: Grey, premium high quality grip 20 inches long. Does not contain rubber or latex.
  • Expansion Mechanism: Steel jack screw, zinc plated 1-1/8 inch fine cut thread.
  • Base Plate: 5 inch diameter, non marking base plate rubber, ribbed for better gripping.
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 450 pounds.(Standard)
  • Pole length (floor to ceiling): 93-99 inches; 7 feet 9 inches to 8 feet 4 inches.
  • Standard Pole Weight: 13 pounds. (18 pounds with hardware).

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