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SuperPole Unifit Extender
SuperPole Unifit Extender extension tube fits the SuperPole.

SuperPole Unifit Extender

Extension for the Super Pole System.

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  • Fits the SuperPole System.
  • Telescopic sleeve design.
The SuperPole UniFit Extender raises the height of a standard SuperPole to fit ceiling height ranging from 100 to 120 inches. The SuperPole fits standard ceiling heights 93 to 99 inches. The Uni-fit Extender increases the height of the Super Pole by 20 inches. The Uni-Fit is a separate piece that slides over the top end of the SuperPole and has pre-drilled holes to adjust the height properly.

SuperPole Unifit Extender Specifications:

  • Construction: Alloy steel, powder coated.
  • Not to be used with: SuperTrapeze, SuperPole HD, or SuperPole Ultra.
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