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Swede-O, Inc. has been recognized as a worldwide leader in providing innovative products designed to prevent or rehabilitate ankle related injuries. Swede-O manufactures ankle braces that prevent ankle injuries and that they are equal to or better than professionally applied tape for ankle support. Swede-O also manufactures thermal supports that are engineered Micro Ventilated Thermal Technology (MVT2). MVT2 provides compression and warmth with a breathable membrane for effective pain relief and treatment of Sports Injuries, RSI, Arthritis and other conditions.

Arthritis Supplies is proud to supply advanced ankle braces and thermal supports by Swede-O, Inc.
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Pain relieving full finger arthritis gloves
Wrap around ankle support is designed to be easier to put on, provides comfortable support.
$24.95 $16.95
Help control arthritis swelling to increase stability of the wrist.
$12.95 $9.95
Gloves specifically designed to relieve arthritis pain in the fingers and hands.
$34.95 $26.95
Helps prevent and provide relief of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
Easy to apply knee wrap provides even compression and comfortable support.
Minimizes skin irritation and perspiration.
$26.95 $15.95
Recommended for the prevention and treatment of soft tissue injuries of the thumb.
Helps to control arthritis swelling and aids in the stability of the shoulder.
$74.95 $56.95
Provides elbow with therapeutic warmth and support for comfort, arthritis pain relief.