TelAgenda Calender and Photo Display Frame - Discontinued
TelAgenda Calendar and Photo Display Frame

TelAgenda Calender and Photo Display Frame - Discontinued

Displays Appointments, Occasions, Medication Schedules & Text Messages on the day of their occurrence

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  • Display Daily Reminders Of Personalized Schedule Information Maintained on our Secured Site
  • Display Messages from Friends & Family
  • Email Digital Photos to our 8” Digital Frame
  • No Computer or Internet Required… uses standard phone line to connect daily!

The TelAgenda Digital Calendar and Photo Display Frame connects by phone line to keep forgetful seniors "on track" by displaying Appointments, Occasions, Medication Schedules and Text Messages on the day of their occurrence. This information is entered by their loved ones on our password-protected website. This is a quick and convenient way for family and friends to convey important information to your loved one from anywhere in the world! The TelAgenda Frame even has its own email address so anyone can email photos directly to the frame.

TelAgenda's mission is to improve the quality of life of Independent Seniors through the daily delivery of critical information from Caregivers.

Our team draws from their experiences with Seniors at all stages of life and medical conditions to provide care management products and services that are effective and easy to use.

Our website allows Caregivers (Family members, Friends, Care Facilities) the ability to enter and communicate important information that is critical for ongoing daily care and social well being of the independent senior.

Schedule information is transmitted by an existing phone line or WiFi (wireless internet) connection on a daily basis and is displayed on an Eye Catching and Easy-to-Read Digital Picture Frame designed for this purpose.

Here's how it works: Family and friends just enter their loved one's calendar information and custom messages on the website, then the information is automatically transferred to the TelAgenda photo frame over night by standard telephone phone line or WiFi (if available)...your loved one doesn't have to do a PC or internet is required on their part. There are NO complicated electronics to operate...just plug it in!

The TelAgenda Frame includes an annual service plan providing access to the website for one year. Renewals for subsequent years are available. Unlimited family and friends have access to the TelAgenda password-protected site to view their loved one's calendar and send messages.

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TelAgenda Calendar and Photo Display Frame Specifications:

  • Connects: with a regular telephone line.
  • Digital Frame: displays schedule, messages, and photos is included.
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