Therafin Corporation manufactures rehabilitation and home health care products. Therafin focuses on designing and producing devices in multiple health care sectors that assist customers in living a more active lifestyle. These sectors include wheelchair attachments, self care aids, mobility aids, hygiene aids, and more.

Arthritis Supplies is proud to supply a variety of products made by Therafin Corporation.
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Large pivoting nail clippers
$48.95 $38.95
Helpful for users with arthritis who have difficulty holding eating utensils
18 inch long drinking straws available in white flexible Polyethylene or clear rigid Plexiglas®.
Easy to secure strap with D ring thumb loop.
Universal cuff with adjustable straps designed to holds a variety of razor models
Bendable self inspection mirror.
Overall length is 23-1/2 inches.
Double head brush mounted on suction base, ideal for independent one-handed denture care.