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TriDerma Scar Block Gel
TriDerma Scar Block Gel

TriDerma Scar Block Gel

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Easy to apply, fragrance free, non-staining clear silicone gel helps scars to heal faster.
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TriDerma Scar Block Gel combines gentle, yet powerful medical strength ingredients that are known to help reduce scarring. This scar cream helps prevent new scars from forming and helps minimize existing scars. Scar Block will help everyday common skin irritation like cuts, scrapes, burns and bug bites heal faster. People with arthritis who have had joint replacement surgeries will find this powerful gel can be used after stitches are removed to minimize scarring from the surgical incision.

This specialized formula contains proprietary AP4 Genuine Virgin Organic Aloe and Silicone. Silicone has been used by doctors for years to help skin heal without scarring. Unlike silicone patches that don't stay on, this easy-to-use gel provides the protective coating necessary to promote healing. Other ingredients included are dimethicone, cyclomethicone, silica, aloe barbadensis (AP4 genuine virgin organic aloe vera) leaf extract.

This soothing formula is non-greasy, contains no fragrance, no cortisone, and no parabens. For best use apply as soon as possible to cuts, scrapes, burns, bug bites or other skin injury to reduce the risk of scarring. Or, use it on existing scars to help improve the appearance of thick, red, pink or raised scars.

TriDerma Scar Block Gel Specifications:

  • Ingredients: Dimethicone, cyclomethicone, silica, aloe barbadensis, AP4 genuine virgin organic aloe vera, leaf extract.
  • Directions: To help minimize the appearance of a new scar, apply a thin layer 3 to 4 times a day. A bandage may be used if desired. To help minimize and improve the appearance of an existing scar, apply as often as possible and masage gently.
  • Made in: USA.
  • Net weight: 1 oz.

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