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Turn Easy Transfer Disc
Turn Easy Transfer Disc

Turn Easy Transfer Disc

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Helps make transfers easier and safer!
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The Turn Easy Transfer Disc is a pivot disc that works like a turn table and provides smooth, controlled rotating motion that makes the user feel secure. People with arthritis who have difficulty moving from a sitting to standing position will find this transfer aid helpful for making transfers easier and safer.

The Turn Easy Transfer Disc rotating discs allow the user to easily turn when transferring to a standing position. The discs consists of a thick, carpet fabric center between 2 plastic discs. A rubber disk on the bottom provides a nonskid surface while the top disc rotates on the fabric center. The fabric center decreases friction and allows the 2 discs to rotate in a smooth, controlled motion that makes the user feel secure. Flexible design allows the user to sit on the device and turn in bed or a chair. This transfer aid is suitable for any type of transfer, and is especially helpful for transfers in limited spaces. People with arthritis will find the Turn Easy Transfer Disc can be used for bed mobility, transfers from a seated position to standing position, car transfers, and pivot transfers.

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