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Universal Knob Turner
Universal Knob Turner

Universal Knob Turner

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Gripping aid for people with arthritic hands.
Product ID: NC28243
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The Universal Knob Turner is a gripping aid for people with arthritic hands who are unable to tightly grip and turn control knobs on ovens, dishwashers, microwaves and other appliances. This ergonomic turning aid assists users with arthritis in turning knobs on and off more easily.

The Universal Knob Turner turning aid has an angled ergonomic handle that allows the user to grip with both hands for additional leverage to easily turn hard to turn knobs. When the handle is pushed against a control knob, the spring loaded hexagonal plastic pins retract to provide a firm grip. This turner handle is specially designed to make turning on taps, door locks, oven, dishwasher or washing machine control knobs easier. The hexagonal rods provide excellent grip on most knob switches that are contoured. The Universal Knob Turner is a comfortable handle grip that helps make daily living tasks, household chores easier for people with arthritis.

Universal Knob Turner Specifications:

  • Handle measures: 4.5 inches long, 1.25 inch diameter.
  • Item weighs: 3 oz.
  • Materials: Handle is ABS, Pegs are Polyamide.
  • Designed in: Sweden.

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