When you have arthritis, part of the reason many daily tasks that were once simple are now difficult is that such tasks require complex manipulation of small objects that make things hard for those with arthritis. One convenient solution we don't tend to think about is the convenience of doing things on a table top.

We use table top tools all the time when we use staplers. It seems like common sense when stapling forms or old receipts. Why not with other areas of daily living? So, when we took some everyday tools and looked for a table top version of them, this brilliant list was what we came up with. Enjoy.

1. Table Top Nail Clipper

Table Top Nail Clipper

Have problems with unsteady hands while trying to clip those finger nails? This Table Top Nail Clipper has a non-skid bottom, giving you the ability to chop away with ease and comfort.

2. Mounted Table Top Scissors

Mounted Table Top Scissors

Upon reflection, it's hard to imagine why anyone would use normal scissors, when they could be using this brilliant, spring-loaded contraption with a T-shaped handle and steady base that makes precise cutting easy as pie.

3. Mounted Finger Scrub Brush

Mounted Finger Scrub Brush

Back to nail care, this is a handy little tool that can mount onto your bathroom counter could have your nails looking fresh every day in seconds.

4. Adjustable Height Dryer Stand

Adjustable Height Hair Dryer Stand

Style your hair in half the time by using both hands while this hair dryer stand does the rest. With the adjustable height, you can even sit down if you want to.

5. Nail Clippers on a Base

Nail Clippers on a Base

Another variety of the table top nail clipper, this nail-clipping aid has two suction cups for an extra stable and therefore painless cutting experience.

6. Press-On One Handed Nail Clipper

Press-On One Handed Nail Clipper

We couldn't resist including this genius, one-handed invention in our list. This gives amazing ease of use for people with painful arthritis symptoms. Texting while clipping has never been so possible, although we would not recommend it!

It's about time we started using more convenient table top aids.

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