Verilux Desk Lamp - Discontinued
Verilux Desk Lamp

Verilux Desk Lamp - Discontinued

Brighter, produces less glare and helps your eyes.

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Verilux, Inc.
  • Lamp is brighter, produces less glare and helps your eyes and mood.

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You’ve seen imitations of this lamp just about everywhere, but that's what they are, imitations.

There’s only one Verilux® Original Full Spectrum Desk Lamp!

This lamp is brighter, produces less glare and helps your eyes and mood better than those cheap imitations. You’ll notice the difference instantly! Why not order one today?

Now 20% brighter, the original Full spectrum® “indoor sunshine” lamp utilizes 50 years of research expertise to scientifically tune light for the eyes of readers, crafters and computer users. See fine details with ease as exclusive Verilux® technologies optimize black-white contrast and reduce eyestrain-causing flicker and glare. This means that you can work longer with less eyestrain – in fact, Verilux® full spectrum actually relaxes your eyes the more the lamp is used.

Check out the other differences – the flexible gooseneck adjusts smoothly and quietly, the exclusive Parabolic Light Diffuser totally eliminates glare from a bare bulb, the three-way switch allows two levels of illumination, and the Verilux® Original Full spectrum® Desk Lamp is fully supported by a 3-year limited warranty.

The lamp that started the full spectrum craze is available in Graphite and Ivory finishes to match any decor. And unlike the other imitations, only the Verilux® Original Full spectrum® Desk Lamp includes the famous energy-saving Verilux® Global Cooling™ 27 W bulb. These bulbs last 10X longer than incandescent bulbs (10,000 hours).

So why settle for an inferior substitute when you can have the Original Full spectrum Desk Lamp from Verilux?

Verilux Desk Lamp Specifications:

Height: adjusts between 15” – 26.5”.
Base measures: 9.6”L x 7”W, head measures 9.5”L x 5.75”W x 1.75”H.
Adjustable: steel gooseneck swivels 360º.

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