Verilux Heritage Floor Lamp - Discontinued
Verilux Heritage Floor Lamp

Verilux Heritage Floor Lamp - Discontinued

Timeless design full spectrum floor lamp built to last generations.

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Verilux, Inc.
  • Heritage™ scientifically tunes exclusive Full spectrum® indoor sunlight for readers’ eyes.

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How much of your day and evening do you spend reading or working on detailed projects? Don’t you deserve The Finest Reading Lamp in the World™?

With timeless design, all-metal construction, hand-polished antiqued brushed nickel or brass finishes, and microprocessor controlled power adapter, Verilux Heritage Floor Lamps are built to last generations – Guaranteed! Backed by 50 years of research, Heritage™ scientifically tunes exclusive Full spectrum® indoor sunlight for readers’ eyes – it’s all the benefits of full spectrum daylight, without any of the harmful UV and glare. Plus, exclusive Verilux® technologies optimize black-white contrast and reduce harmful flicker and glare to eliminate eyestrain and enhance vision. Why not order one today?

The form of the lamp is timeless and looks more like a fine scientific instrument than like a desk lamp. The full-rotation lamp head and height adjustment that telescopes 39” – 53” allow for complete adjustability of your light source. Your Heritage™ Full spectrum Deluxe Floor Lamp includes the incomparable energy-saving Verilux® 27 W Global Cooling™ bulb and the 3-way switch allows you to adjust the brightness to the equivalent of 75, 100, or 150 W incandescent bulbs. And, since the bulb lasts 10X longer (10,000 hours), you save money on replacement bulbs and energy.

Thousands of avid readers swear by their Heritage™ lamps and attest to the fact that their eyes actually relax the more they read. Now they can read several chapters and still feel refreshed, without eyestrain. The secret is in the Optix® Glare Control Filter system. This revolutionary filtration system actually focuses the rays of light so they provide unparalleled color rendering, higher black-and-white contrast and no glare from shiny magazine pages.

Don’t wait another moment – you deserve the Heritage™ reading lamp!

Verilux Heritage Floor Lamp Specifications:

Lamp shaft: swivels 360°.
Lamp head: turns up and down 180º.
Lamp height: ranges 39” – 53”.
Base diameter: 10.5”.
Head dimensions: 10.5”L x 5.4” W x 2.6”H.

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