For many people bath time is a relaxing time. Soaking in the hot water with their favorite soap, body wash, or bubble bath, releasing tension and stress. This is not the case for most arthritis patients, as bath time can be a painful experience, especially in the morning time when arthritic pain is at its worst. If you're one of those people for whom arthritis has taken the pleasure out of bathing or you have a loved one in this position, we have some bathing aids that we are going to discuss with you.

Inflatable Bathtubs

Inflatable Bathtub

Getting out of bed in the morning can be difficult when you are dealing with the inflammation, swelling, and pain that accompany arthritis. An inflatable bathtub can eliminate the burden of having to get out of the bed to bathe. This product will allow you to enjoy a bath from the comforts of your bed. It's easy to use; it is simply placed under you and then inflated. The inflatable tub was designed to accommodate individuals up to 6 feet, 2 inches tall and comes with an inflatable pillow for extra comfort while you bathe.

Bathtub Chair Lift

Bathtub chair lift

Do you have an issue with getting in and out of the bath tub? If so, a bathtub chair lift may be the answer. These lifts are lightweight, portable, and can be folded and put away when you're not using them. They are automatic, recline to fifty degrees, and come equipped with a padded seat and back rest for comfort and safety controls. Have a non-standard bathtub? No problem! They were built to accommodate deeper bathtubs too.

Soap Gripper

Soap Gripper

Arthritis can make gripping objects uncomfortable and painful. If gripping is painful for you, a soap gripper can help you to hold onto your bar of soap pain-free. It's as simple as just sliding your middle finger into the ring and the gripper will hold the soap in place for you. When you're done with it, the attached suction cup allows you to mount it on any smooth surface until you need it again.

Bath Kit

Bath Kit

Bathing involves bending and reaching to wash your back, legs, feet, and toes. You can save yourself the pain this may cause by using a bath kit. Bath kits come with two round sponges, two toe sponges, and a long-handled scrub brush that extends twenty-two inches. The sponges can be individually attached to the brush, making it easier to wash in between your toes and to clean the other hard-to-reach parts of your body.

We hope these items that we have shared can help take the pain out of and put the pleasure back into your bath time.

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